Private engine list

NOTE: This is an old list. For current list goto:

Alaric by Peter Fendrich - Sweden
Arthur by Walter Ravenek - Netherlands
Ceng by Mridul Muralidharan - India
Chepla by Mikael Beckman - Sweden
Cerebro by Antonio Senatore - Argentina
Chess Wizard by Frederic Louguet - France
Chiron by Ubaldo Andrea Farina - Italy
Chompster by Scott Farrell - Australia
Clarabit by Salvador Pallares Bejarano - Spain
Czolgista by Tomasz Kazimierski - Poland
Diep by Vincent Diepeveen - Netherlands
Equilibrium by Simone Innocenti - Italy
Erendal by Eric Devar - Canada
Etabeta by Antonia Jeanrenaud - Italy
Eugen by Eugenio Castillo-Jimenez - Spain
Ferret by Bruce Moreland - USA
Geisterauge by Matthias Pfaff - Germany
Grok by Peter Kappler - USA
Hector for Chess by Csaba Jergler - Hungary
Hossa by Steffen Jakob - Germany
Ikarus by Muntsin and Munjong Kolss - Germany
Isichess by Gerd Isenberger - Germany
K9 by Tor Lattimore - Australia
LearningLemming by Sam Hamilton - USA
Maestro by Omid David Tabibi - Israel
Maxima by Hof & Hajeweit - Netherlands
Mercury by Anamika Subrata De - India
Nexus by Ralf Dorr - Germany
NOW by Mark Lefler - USA
Phark Tim Smith - Australia
Philidor by Christian Barreteau and Bruno Lucas - France
Qalat by Carlos Andrade - Spain
Rookie by Marcel van Kervinck - Netherlands
RuyLopez by Alvaro Begue and Jose Manuel Moran - Spain
Searcher by Frank Philips - England
SpiderChess by Martin Giepmans - Netherlands
Symbolic by Steven Edwards - USA
Telepath by Charles Roberson - USA
Tinker by Brian Richardson - USA
Warp by Peter McKenzie - New Zealand
Waster by Geoff Westwood - England
WESP by Eric Spek - Netherlands
XiniX by Tony van Roon-Werten - Netherlands
Zarkov by John Stanback - USA

If anyone can add to this list or has a correction, please email me.